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Pioneering the Next
Generation of Liquid Staking

Supermeta amplifies your earnings by staking your ETH and restaking across diverse networks, earning higher yields for you sustainably, and you receive a Liquid Restaking Token for seamless usage across DeFi ecosystem

It's time to make your ETH
work harder for you

Maximize Your Yield

Supermeta enhances staking by securing Ethereum and restaking to secure additional protocols, boosting your yield sustainably

Diversify Risk

Staking and restaking all your ETH on a single protocol can carry risks. Supermeta mitigates this by securing multiple protocols

Maintain Liquidity

Supermeta's reETH token ensures liquidity without compromising on restaking rewards, offering high returns with flexibility.

reETH: Liquid Restaking Token

Unlock Liquidity, Optimize Yield and Expand Your DeFi Opportunities with reETH

Provide ETH or LSD

Start Your Restaking


1 reETH = 1 ETH, Fully Liquid and Transferable

Earn Direct Rewards

Native Staking + Restaking Rewards Rebased to reETH


Leverage reETH in
DeFi Ecosystem


Sell reETH or
Request Unstaking

Interested in joining our team or contributing to
our vision?

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If you watch the tutorial, you'll notice that the best performance and sharpness of the lettering can only be achieved with an SVG.
That's actually the way Apple uses it as well. The disadvantage is that you have to export an extra SVG image for your own wording.

Animating text elements with scale does not work, because Chrome renders the font blurry 😟

Effect works well on mobiel too!